The number of bitcoin ATMs in the world has almost doubled since January 2017. US-based ATMs account for the majority of installed machines.

According to Coin ATM Radar, there are currently 1893 bitcoin ATMs in the world. The number has grown from 954 machines, installed as of 1 January 2017.

With 1893 ATMs supporting bitcoin, only 596 machines allow you to buy or sell altcoins.  The most popular altcoin for crypto-ATMs is Litecoin. It is supported by 561 machines. The second altcoin by popularity is Ethereum, with 261 ATMs supporting it.

The speed of bitcoin ATM installations is 4.4 machines per day.

Almost three-quarters of bitcoin ATMs are installed in the countries of North America, with the United States being the largest market with 1092 machines. Canada hosts 293 bitcoin ATMs, and the United Kingdom has 97 installed machines.

The biggest bitcoin ATM manufacturers are Genesis Coin and General Bytes with 36.4% and 27.52% market share respectively.

Recently, Coinsource has installed 18 bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta, which is one of the most unbanked cities in the United States. Coinsource as a bitcoin ATM manufacturer accounts for 7.13% of market share.