In less than a week Verge, altcoin, offering users an increased level of anonymity, has jumped 10-fold in price.

Verge, previously attracted little attention from users, despite its existence on the market for more than a year, has suddenly jumped in price. In the last five days, the rate of the cryptocurrency has been growing without noticeable kickbacks. If on 14 December, altcoin cost 93 satoshis, then by 16 December the rate increased to 218 satoshis, by 19 December it rose to 350 satoshis, and on 20 December the average rate stood briefly at 975 satoshis.

The capitalization of the currency within the week jumped from $209.8 million to $2.3 billion. Verge soared to the 19th place in the ranking by capitalization, leaving behind more famous projects, such as BitShares, OmiseGo, and Zcash.

Verge is built on the basis of the bitcoin protocol and uses several mining algorithms. It also uses anonymous networks, such as TOR and i2P.

The reason for the Verge price growth was a tweet post of John McAfee, the prominent anti-virus software creator. On 13 December, McAfee claimed that cryptocurrencies with a high degree of anonymity “cannot lose”. McAfee listed Monero (XMR), Verge (XVG) and Zcash (ZEC) as altcoins that meet this criterion of anonymity.

Growth is demonstrated by other "anonymous" cryptocurrencies. Thus, Monero went up 1.5 times to $470, ZCash jumped by 70% to $676. Dash became the leader of the growth and due to active marketing promotion jumped in price almost twice to $1,546.