Startups have attracted more than $5 billion via initial coin offerings from the beginning of 2017. After the recession in July and August ICOs returned to growth, reaching all-time highs in November and December.

The volume of investments, attracted via Initial Coin Offerings from the beginning of 2017, exceeded $5.3 billion. Such data is contained in the ICOData portal statistics. The number of projects taken into account reached 768.

On an annual basis, investors' interest in the ICO projects jumped by more than 55 times. According to the portal, in 2016 around $90 million was attracted via token crowdsales.

In 2017, December seems to be the most successful month. The amount of financing attracted by companies through ICOs exceeded $963 million. In November, this figure stood at $951 million, while in October reached $886.6 million.

A sharp increase in interest in ICOs was recorded in June. If in May, via ICOs, startups raised $199.6 million, then in June this number jumped to $648 million. But after the peak levels of June, the market began to decline, and in August ICO-projects collected $353 million.

Among the leaders of the ICO industry are projects with Russian roots. According to the consulting company EY, in 2017, 310 projects based in Russia conducted ICOs. The leader of the rating is the United States, where more than a thousand ICO-projects are based.

The top 5 Biggest ICOs by amount raised in 2017 were Filecoin ($257 million), Tezos ($232 million), EOS ($883,4 million), Bancor ($153 million), Status ($108 million).