Customers of the South Korean exchange Bithumb witness that, during the last take-off of the Ripple price, the exchange platform did not allow placing orders to sell below a certain level.

One of the users of Bithumb published a screenshot from the Korean forum on the Reddit forum. According to the screenshot and its translation to English, exchange users complained about the impossibility to place orders to sell Ripple at a price below 2,242 won ($2.1).

Bithumb is the largest trading platform for Ripple. It accounts for more than 25% of the total volume of Ripple trading. Thus, artificially retaining the Ripple price above a certain level, the exchange could influence prices of Ripple on other world crypto-exchanges.

On 30 December, the average Ripple price reached its all-time high, reaching $2.85. By capitalization Ripple moved to the second place after bitcoin, shifting Ethereum to the third line.

This is not the first time when users suspect Bithumb of manipulating the price of cryptocurrencies. On 12 November, when the Bitcoin Cash price jumped to $2,300, Bithumb went offline for 90 minutes. When the work of the exchange platform recovered, the price of Bitcoin Cash had already fallen by $1,000. Then the users teamed up and filed a class action lawsuit against Bithumb.