Ethereum has overcome for the first time $1,000. The growth of Ethereum is mostly due to the optimism investors feel about the reports of the successful launch of Casper testnet.

The Ethereum price updated its all-time high record, exceeding the $1,000 mark on 4 January at 13.54 UTC. After that, the price of Ethereum continued to grow, and as of the time of publishing, it fluctuated around $1030.

The capitalization of Ethereum came close to $100 billion, amounting to $99.8 billion. But despite the growth, Ethereum remains on the third line in the ranking of the cryptocurrencies by capitalization, losing second place to Ripple, which in recent days has risen in price by 150% and whose capitalization exceeded $145 billion.

If Ethereum capitalization takes a decisive leap and overcomes the $100 billion mark, Ethereum will become the third cryptocurrency with a capitalization of over $100 billion after bitcoin and Ripple.

Since early 2018 Ethereum has risen in price by 25%, and it jumped in price more than 100 fold compared to the rate of January 2017.

The current growth of Ethereum is due to reports of the launch of the Casper testnet alpha version. The Casper protocol will allow Ethereum to abandon the Proof-of-Work algorithm in favor of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm and will make the ecosystem more energy efficient.