The EtherBlue project has claimed that DNS servers of the MyEtherWallet website were compromised. But the community suspects EtherBlue, who developed their own wallet, in cheap marketing and revenge for a more successful competitor.

The EtherBlue team has reported on its Twitter that they suspect that DNS servers of MyEtherWallet were compromised, and urged customers not to enter their wallets through the MyEtherWallet site and not send any transactions through it.

As it is DNS servers that were compromised, not the purse itself, crypto assets are safe until customers enter their private keys on a phishing site, where they are seamlessly redirected. If a user enters private keys on a phishing site, hackers gain access to the owner's crypto assets and transfer them to their accounts.

One of the MyEtherWallet developers wrote that they will study the information, but can not yet confirm the fact of hackers attack.

“We are currently not aware of any compromises regarding MyEtherWallet and are investigating the claims by EthereumBlue. You can (and should!) always run MyEtherWallet offline, locally,” he said.

Meanwhile, other commentators on the forum suspect that EtherBlue is trying to discredit MyEtherWallet in the eyes of users, as they themselves are developing a crypto-purse.

“Beware, it’s etherblue. They often sensationalize / slander competitors to promote themselves. This is likely to be a cheap marketing ploy,” one commentator wrote.