Dutch developers have created a blockchain service to match up partners who agree to sexual consent.

The Dutch start-up LegalThings announced their plans to launch LegalFling dating application, which allows casual partners to give each other consent to sex and legally formalize it using blockchain.

"While you're protected by law, litigating any offenses in court is nearly impossible in reality. LegalFling creates a legally binding agreement, which means any offense is a breach of contract. By using the LiveContracts protocol, your private agreement is verifiable using the blockchain and enforceable with a single click", the website of the project reads.

Apart from the dating application itself, users will be able to enter into using other popular messengers, such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, and others.

“Asking someone to sign a contract before having sex is a little uncomfortable. With LegalFling, a simple swipe to consent is enough to legally justify the fling,” LegalThings CEO Rick Schmitz said in an official statement.

Since the contract is concluded with the help of blockchain, no one including signatories can change the document.

In a conversation, the representative of LegalFling said that users can withdraw their consent to sex at any time, but for this, they need to enter the application.

The creators of the application plan to monetize app offering advertising. LegalFling will remain free for users.