Metropolitan, one of the largest providers of banking services to cryptocurrency companies, reportedly ceased all international transferring operations related to cryptocurrencies. The list of its customers includes Coinbase and Shift bitcoin debit card programme.

Metropolitan, popular among cryptocurrency companies and often referred to as "The Bitcoin Bank," has suddenly stopped performing international transfers related to cryptocurrencies.

The bank's clients received a notification from the Metropolitan Bank that the bank was “ceasing all international crypto-related wire transfers to and from” it effective immediately, Fortune reports.

According to one of the bank's clients, the bank explained this decision by the fact that it can not ensure the verification of all data and compliance with the requirements of international norms on anti-money laundering. Also, this step was made in response to an incident involving some fraudulent actions of one of its clients when performing an international transfer.

The bank has not yet provided an official response to this information.

Metropolitan is one of the main providers of banking services for the American cryptocurrency company Coinbase.