John McAfee: US dollar, not bitcoin, is fraudGovernments and traditional banks are "terrified" by cryptocurrencies as they can substitute and revolutionize the current wealth distribution, John McAfee has said.

In an interview to RT channel, John McAfee returned to say that bitcoin is not a fraud, as the US dollar is.

"I am one of the largest miners in the world. I spent two thousand dollars to mine one bitcoin. At the same time, a hundred-dollar note is worth five cents in production. So which one of these schemes is fraud?"

According to McAfee, financial organizations, such as JPMorgan, are doing everything possible to crash the cryptocurrency market. But they will never achieve this aim, McAfee believes.

He suggests that large financial organizations deliberately appeal to influential opinion makers who make statements that bring down the cryptocurrency market.

"The fact is that they used the right people, whose services are in demand by thousands of people, they are incredibly powerful investors. When experts say something to them, they tell the others about it. This causes a slight drop in the price."

He also added that within the next five years bitcoin will sharply rise and decline approximately two or three times a year.

McAfee called Monero as the most potential cryptocurrency at the moment due to its anonymous features. Answering the question about his point of view on Ripple, McAfee warned investors about possible risks related to those coins that are focused on cooperation with banks.

"There will be many cryptocurrencies that will suddenly begin to focus on banks, governments, and other centralized organizations. Be careful: in the long term they will not be able to hold out."