A huge number of intermediaries contributes to an increase in advertising budgets. Payment systems, advertising agencies, banks, and a large number of complex contracts make cooperation schemes less transparent and more expensive. Blockchain gives full transparency to this process and abolishes all intermediaries.

The goal of ClearCoin is to create a unique platform where any company can place its order for receiving potential customers. Developers and webmasters on this platform will be able to provide customers and content at a certain market price.

As a result, the advertiser will be able to spend more on marketing with higher efficiency, and the webmaster will be able to increase his earnings. As a result, both sides win. In this case, all transactions are based on smart contracts. The distributed database eliminates the risks associated with fraud, due to which up to 20% of profit is lost today.

The platform covers almost the entire scope of digital marketing. The advertiser receives an effective accounting system for ads placed on marketing channels. The owner sees where the leads come from, who subsequently make a purchase, cutting off less effective ways of promotion.

As a result, marketers, brands, publishers, advertising agencies, information resources and television are united in one system. At the same time, the ordering services and payment for it occur directly between the customer and the performer. An autonomous system is built on the basis of the most reliable Ethereum blockchain, and it is responsible for the billing. This system is the only intermediary, which charge a fee of 2 to 5%. When using outmoded schemes of work, each of the multiple intermediaries takes a charge, resulting in the increasing cost of the final product for the advertiser up to 50%.


ClearCoin allows you to monitor marketing traffic in real time in order to promptly adjust advertising campaigns. Smart contracts ensure the safe purchase of advertising. Blockchain excludes inaccuracies in the analysis of the user history. The platform also runs an auction, a blacklist system for disabling bots and the ability to buy ad slots.

ClearCoin works with several popular formats for advertising: virtual reality, social networks, television, mobile, video, audio, search, display, and native.

The development of the eco-system in the future will lead to a profound transformation of the market, a reduction in the cost of content and leads, increase in the transactions speed and the speed of getting ready-made content. As a result, it creates a healthy and transparent market competition with a reputation of each participant that remains in Blockchain forever.