The National Intelligence Agency of South Korea claims that North Korean hackers could be the ones who attacked the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck and stole $523 million in NEM coins.

South Korean intelligence services representative supposed that it was North Korean hackers who attacked Coincheck on 26 January. The hypothesis was voiced out at a meeting of the parliamentary committee, anonymous sources familiar with the discussion told Reuters. Still, they did not provide their statements with any pieces of evidence of North Korea's involvement in the Coincheck hack attack.

“It’s possible, but not a probable scenario backed by evidence” that North Korea was behind the theft, a source close to the South Korean National Intelligence Service said.

According to him, the cryptocurrency market remains the likely target of North Korean hackers because of its size and weak regulation.

On Monday, South Korean parliamentarian Kim Byung-kee said that the National Intelligence Service suspects North Korea of stealing ​​millions of dollars from South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges last year. Previously, the same accusations of cybercrimes were voiced out by representatives of other countries. Thus, the United States intelligence services accuse North Korea of organizing an attack by WannaCry virus, whose victims in 2017 were banks, hospitals and other institutions around the globe.