Did you use credit money to buy bitcoin at $20,000, and now it trades at $8,000 and the bank explodes your phone with calls due to loan debts? Do not rush into depression - you can seek psychological help in a crisis center for crypto-investors in Moscow.

Blockchain Fund, which purchases and stores cryptocurrencies, announced its plans to launch an emergency psychological crisis service. Potential clients are those who are depressed by the recent Bitcoin price crash.

Back in December, the rate of the first cryptocurrency beat all-time highs and reached almost $20,000, and recent days the price of bitcoin has fallen below $7,000. As a result, miners, traders, and investors, who hold their assets in cryptocurrencies, suffered significant losses. This can lead to suicides, psychologists suppose.

According to the owner of Blockchain Fund Andrey Karpukhov, now any person, who has suffered from investments in a loss currency, will be able to tell his story to qualified specialists. They will help him cope with the experiences and return to normal life.

“People begin to embrace panic; no one understands what is happening. Initially, everything seemed to be so good at this market, and now it has sharply changed. First of all, I will get in touch with people, listen to their stories and then give advice on how to calm down and recover. It is very important that a person does not do anything irreversible,” said Elena Pihovkina, a psychologist who will work on the hotline.

According to the expert, she already has experience working with people who survived the financial collapses in 2008 and 2014, when the Russian ruble crashed almost twice to US dollar.

The hotline of the crisis center starts to work on 7 February. Personal consultations are to be discussed separately.