A group of traders plans to file a class action lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court against the Japanese crypto-exchange Coincheck.

The claim will be initiated on 15 February, said Hiromu Mochizuki, the lawyer representing the interests of the plaintiffs said. Ten Coincheck customers require that the exchange allows them to withdraw their cryptocurrency assets to their personal wallets. In late February, the group can file a second lawsuit seeking compensation for damages received as a result of the recent hacker attack that resulted in a loss of $530 million worth of NEM tokens. Representatives of Coincheck did not comment on the issue.

The Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange froze all asset withdrawals in yen and digital currencies after the breach was disclosed. Representatives of Coincheck said that users will be able to withdraw funds only after confirming that the platform can provide operations in a secure manner. On 13 February, Coincheck resumed withdrawals in yen, but still prohibits to withdraw assets in cryptocurrencies as the Coincheck team is examining if the exchange's system can guarantee the safety of such operations.

Today Coincheck have to send a report to the Japanese financial authorities regarding the incident. The document will also describe the current state of the exchange's security system, as well as include a list of measures that are being taken to avoid such attacks in the future.