Telegram has started a second closed presale trying to attract the same financing as in the first presale round. Telegram has already become the largest ICO in the industry history.

This week potential investors in the future Telegram Open Network platform received a letter announcing the launch of a new presale of tokens Gram, reports The Verge, citing four anonymous sources familiar with the matter. Most details of the second phase of Telegram presale remain vague. It is still unknown most how much it is planned to attract via the new round. However, two sources said that Telegram intends to receive the same amount as in the first round, that is, $850 million. Thus, Telegram will receive more than $1.6 billion before the start of the public round. Tokens are offered with discounts from 30% to 80%.

To date, Telegram has already been able to beat the Tezos project record, which was the previous leader of the ICOs rating, collecting $232 million via ICO last summer.

The Verge did not receive any official comments from Telegram or its large investors (Sequoia Capital and Benchmark).

As CNBC supposes, Telegram is unlikely to make an open round available to US citizens due to the SEC's increased attention to ICOs. Perhaps, that is why the project team wants to attract as much funding as possible from large US-based investors during closed presales, as there are fewer requirements from regulators regarding closed investments rounds.

The main public round of Telegram's ICO is scheduled for March.