The Taiwan police arrested four persons suspecting in organizing a robbery of a large amount of bitcoins. It is the first robbery of bitcoins committed in Taiwan.

The incident occurred in Taiwan in early February. According to the police, three men at the age of about 20 years arranged a meeting with a potential seller of cryptocurrency, watered him with strong local alcohol, and after making sure that there were funds in his bitcoin wallet, they attacked him and his friend demanding that they transfer 18 BTC (5 million Taiwan dollars or $170 thousand) to their purse.

Victims called the police, and the law enforcement officers almost immediately managed to detain one of the intruders, while two others were able to hide, but later were also detained. The fourth detained person is suspecting in being a mastermind of the robbery.

The number of assaults on bitcoin holder is growing fast amid the widespread popularity of cryptocurrencies and their rising prices. In January, four masked robbers broke into the house of a cryptocurrency trader in Oxfordshire and tried to force him to transfer all of his bitcoins to their purse. But they failed to get his coins because the trader took advantage of overloaded mempool of the bitcoin network and set low transaction fee. As a result, the transfer was not executed.