At least three of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges have reduced their withdrawal fees for bitcoins due to the growing adoption of the SegWit protocol. Almost 30% of transactions in the bitcoin network use SegWit.

The Hong Kong-based crypto-exchange Binance, the world's number one by trading volume, along with Kraken, which occupies the ninth place in the same rating, announced a decrease by 50% in their commissions for bitcoin withdrawals. As Binance tweeted, the exchange "is happy to announce a 50% reduction in $BTC withdrawal fees." The withdrawal fee on Binance fell to only 0.0005 BTC.

A day earlier, a similar message was published in the Kraken's official twitter. The withdrawal fee on Kraken also fell to 0.0005 BTC.

Bitfinex, number six in the rating of the world's busiest crypto-exchanges by trading volume, also announced that their withdrawal fees went down.

"Since SegWit adoption we have managed to decrease our BTC withdrawal fees by 25%, to 0.0006 BTC."

Bitfinex promised to continue working to achieve further reduction of the withdrawal fees.

Reduction of withdrawal fees was made possible by the wider adoption of the SegWit protocol, which makes transactions in the bitcoin network faster and cheaper.

The sharp increase in SegWit's adoption, which already covers about 30% of the total volume of transactions (compared to 13% in the past few days) is associated with the release of the latest version of Bitcoin Core client (0.16.0). It supports SegWit technology by default, and it makes SegWit available not only to programmers but also to ordinary users without special skills. It is expected that the integration of SegWit by Blockchain, the largest bitcoin-wallet on the market, will further strengthen the positions of bitcoin.