All 260,000 users of the Japanese crypto-exchange Coincheck, who lost their funds due to the January hack attack, received refunds. The total amount of reimbursements equals $440 million.

The Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced that it had finished its programme of reimbursement. The company compensated losses of all 260,000 victims, paying them 46.6 billion yen or $0,83 per each stolen NEM. The company claims to use its own funds to make repayments, Coincheck's spokesperson said.

The price of NEM jumped 17% within the last 24 hours on this positive information.

Meanwhile, hackers, who stole more than 520 million NEM from Coincheck's hot wallet in January, seem to have successfully laundered about 40% of the stolen funds.

Hackers converted about 200 million NEM to bitcoin, Takayuki Sugiura, the head of the consulting group L Plus said. At the time of writing, this sum is about $76 million. But as they did it through dark markets, it is more likely that the sold stolen NEM coins at an underestimate price.

Laundered tokens are converted into bitcoins, which are stored on several purses. Now hackers seem to be preparing to cash out.

The Tokyo Police Department reported that the investigation is being handled by a group of hundreds of specialists.