The co-founder of Ethereum has supported the idea of charging fees for the use of Ethereum blockchain for storage. He proposed to link the amount of the commission with the time the data is available in the network.

In the future, storing information in the Ethereum blockchain could be charged. This idea was supported by the co-founder of the ecosystem Vitalik Buterin, who calculated the cost of such storage.

"Storing 500 GB should cost 500,000 ETH per year, so storing 1 byte should cost 0.000001 ETH per year. A 24000-byte contract would cost 0.024 ETH (~$15) per year; a 250-byte account would cost 0.00025 ETH (~$0.15) per year," Buterin wrote in his blog post.

With sharding, the maximum acceptable state size would be per-shard so that the above fees would be decreased by a factor of 100.

Over the past year, the volume of data stored in the Ethereum blockchain nodes is constantly growing. The ecosystem is a popular platform for ICOs and runs various applications. Overloading causes problems in the network and also leads to additional project costs.

Other developers of Ethereum Vlad Zamfir, Phil Dayan, and Raul Jordan also stand for a rental fee and voiced out the need to solve this problem.

"No one likes talking about rent, but we need to have this conversation. The fact that time-value of storage is not accounted for in the current Ethereum protocol is a massive problem we need to address," Raul Jordan wrote in his twitter.