Following Facebook and Google, Twitter has decided to ban advertising ICO, token sales, and cryptocurrency-related projects. The new advertising policy comes into force today.

The new advertising policy of Twitter will be deployed in a full-scale mode within the next 30 days and will also affect cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges but with a limited number of exceptions.

As the company's representatives told Reuters, restrictions will not affect those companies, which are registered as stock exchanges. In the case of Japanese crypto-exchanges, the ban will not affect those of them that received a license from the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan.

The new restrictive measures immediately affected the average bitcoin price. Within the last 24 hours, it fell by 8%, falling below $8,000.

Earlier, the co-founder of Twitter and the head of payment company Square Jack Dorsey said that within the next ten years bitcoin will become the world's only currency and will be widely used as a payment instrument. According to Dorsey, now bitcoin is too expensive, and its blockchain is too slow, but all these shortcomings will gradually disappear when a large number of people start using bitcoins.

In the cryptocurrency industry, Jack Dorsey is known as an investor in the Lightning Labs project.

Earlier, Facebook announced the ban on advertising of cryptocurrency projects in January. In early March, similar measures were announced by Google, which will begin blocking cryptocurrency advertising starting from June.