The shortage of Nvidia equipment on the market is caused by the popularity of the company's video cards among the Ethereum miners, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes.

The head of Nvidia explained that serving miners' necessities is not among the priorities of the company.

“[Cryptocurrency] is not our business,” he said at the GPU Technology Conference. “Gaming is growing, and workstation is growing because of ray tracing.”

Huang also noted that Nvidia's production of high-performance devices is growing, but he would not want all of them to be accumulated in the hands of miners.

“We’re sold out of many of our high-end SKUs, and so it’s a real challenge keeping [graphic cards] in the marketplace for games. At the highest level, the way to think about that is because of the philosophy of cryptocurrency — which is really about taking advantage of distributed high-performance computing   — there are supercomputers in the hands of almost everybody in the world so that no singular force or entity that can control the currency.”

He added that Nvidia plans to further increase production volumes.

“We have to build a whole lot more,” he told TechCrunch last week. “The video supply chain is working really hard, and you know all of our partners are working around the clock. We’ve got to come closer to the demand of the market. And right now, we’re not anywhere near close to that and so we’re just going to have to keep running.”