Social network LinkedIn has begun to block ICO and crypto-related advertising.

The number of Internet services that prohibit placing ads on their sites that mention cryptocurrencies continues to grow. The next one to ban crypto ads is business social network LinkedIn, The Independent reports citing a spokesman. At the same time, LinkedIn's does allow cryptocurrency-related adverts on its other platforms.

Earlier, similar decisions were made by Google, Facebook, and Snapchat.

The last of them was Twitter, which from this week began to block ICO and cryptocurrency-related advertising.

The new advertising policy of Twitter will be deployed in a full-scale mode within the next 30 days and will also affect cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges but with a limited number of exceptions.

As the company's representatives told Reuters, restrictions will not affect those companies, which are registered as stock exchanges. In the case of Japanese crypto-exchanges, the ban will not affect those of them that received a license from the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan.

Crypto startups planning Initial Coin Offerings or token sales are forced to look for new channels to promote their business.

The Eurasian Association of blockchain, recently founded by structures from Russia, South Korea, and China, announced its plans to file a class action against Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Its representatives say that they suspect these companies are in a cartel conspiracy to manipulate the market, and therefore intend to file a lawsuit with the US-based court.