Law enforcement bodies in Belarus have prepared a list of seven tips for the purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies, after the decree, legalizing the cryptocurrency, came into force in Belarus.

The Belarusian police gave a few pieces of advice to the owners of the cryptocurrency and those who are going to buy it:

- Do not pursue easy prey, stay calm and soberly assess the situation. Do not immediately take a tempting offer, which should bring profit. Most often, intruders stand behind those promises of big profits without any risks.

- Buy/sell cryptocurrency only on well-known exchanges and platforms, and do not use forums, neither negotiate with someone directly, etc., use only through official intermediaries.

- Always check links, be sure that the domain name of the site is correctly spelled out. At the slightest doubt in the source, try to contact the support of this resource.

- Read reviews from other users about this company, site or individual.

- Do not download programs from untested sites: they may contain virus components that allows them to crack your cryptocurrency wallets.

- Install antivirus software on your computer.

- Keep your wallet on your computer without access to the Internet.

Councils are made after the first cryptocurrency-related criminal case is initiated in Belarus. A 28-year-old resident of Belarus handed over $7,500 to a top manager of a cryptocurrency exchange in order to purchase bitcoins, but that manager did not transfer the bitcoins to the client's wallet neither gave him any receipt confirming his purchase.