The former director of the Kiev passenger transport department has filed an income declaration, mentioning his cryptocurrency assets worth more than half a million US dollars.

Sergey Mayzel, a lawmaker of the Kyiv City Council from the Solidarity political party, and the former director of the Kiev passenger transport department bought cryptocurrencies worth 15 million Ukrainian hryvnias ($545,000) in 2017.

Such information is contained in his income declaration filed with the Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Execute the Functions of the State or Local Government.

According to the document, Mayzel owns bitcoins worth 11.1 million hryvnias and Ethereum for 3.8 million hryvnias. The cryptocurrencies were purchased at the end of 2017, that is, at the peak of their rates.

At the same time, the salary of Mayzel for 2017 was tiny 93,600 hryvnias, while his income from interest amounted to 150,000 hryvnias.

He is not the first Ukrainian legislator who confessed to buying bitcoins.

In late January, five lawmakers from Odessa also declared their cryptocurrency assets worth almost $7 million in total. The wealthiest crypto-holder among Ukrainian lawmakers was Dmitry Fisinchuk, who is also known as Dmitry Palpatin (a surname he took from Star Wars). According to his declaration, he has 7,711 Bitcoin Cash. The second place is occupied by Alexander Urbansky; he owns 5,328 Bitcoin Cash. The other three are Dmitry Golubov, leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine, with 4376 Bitcoin Cash, Anatoly Urbansky, head of the Odessa Regional Council, with 4256 Bitcoin Cash, Denis Grigoriev, Odessa City Council, with Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold worth 31 million hryvnias ($1 million).