In South Korea, 14 people were arrested for illegally using cheap electricity for mining cryptocurrencies.

Illegal mining of digital currencies was discovered in four different industrial zones in the city of Gwangju, which is located in the southwestern part of South Korea, the YonHap news agency reports.

Police in Gwangju received a complaint, accusing miners of violating the rules of electricity usage in industrial zones.

According to the report, companies that installed cryptocurrency mining equipment in these zones paid 10% less for electricity compared to other companies located in common areas. In addition, they saved on rental prices.

Each company installed from 100 to 350 mining devices. They had been mining cryptocurrencies since May 2017.

Six companies were located in the industrial complex of Hanam, three in Nano and Pyeongdong, and one company was found in Jingok.

This is not the first time that South Korean miners are accused of illegally using preferential electricity in state or public organizations.

In August 2017, the famous shopping center in South Korea, Yongsam Electronics Market officially banned the bitcoin mining, referring to sharply increased bills for electricity. In addition, the management of the shopping center expressed its concern over the overheating of computers, as this could lead to a fire.