The developers of Bitcoin Cash have released the updated version of the code, which will be activated via hardfork in the middle of May. The main innovation is a sharp increase of the block size.

Hardfork in the Bitcoin Cash network is scheduled for 15 May 2018. It will lead to a forced upgrade of the consensus rules. The new version of Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 was recently released by developers and is available for download. The test network will be launched in the near term.

The most notable change of the new software will be the block size limit increasing to tremendous 32 MB. Thus, the project will continue to evolve according to the previously announced program, the main postulate of which is to increase the block size from the usual 1 MB of original bitcoin.

Also, the new version of the software activates about ten opcodes, among which there is the OP_RETURN solution, which increases the data storage limit in the transaction field up to 220 bytes from the current 80 bytes.

The remaining opcodes are solutions that previously existed in the code of the original bitcoin but were subsequently excluded.