The company, that developed the wallet Eclair, accidentally lost the signature key and, thus, found itself unable to correct vulnerabilities in its application. Soon it will publish a new version of Eclair in Google Play.

French technology company ACINQ, which is developing solutions for the bitcoin network, announced that its Eclair wallet with the support of the Lightning Network protocol was removed from the Google Play app store.

"We just discovered that we could have lost the signing key. Note: the key is not compromised, just was accidentally deleted and is not recoverable," ACINQ wrote in its Twitter.

The company suspects that there is a bug in the Eclair application related to unilateral closing, but due to the fact that the signing key was lost, ACINQ is not able to fix the bug. Therefore, ACINQ removed the wallet from the online store for Android applications, as well as a link to its GitHub page, where one could download the installation file.

The developers promise to release soon a new version of application and publish it in Google Play.

Eclair was the first mobile wallet that allowed to make quick transactions via Lightning Network. It was released on 4 April. It was available for mobile devices running Android operating system with version 5.0 and higher. Users welcomed the release of Eclair, and pointed to the need to develop a similar application for iOS.