Users, who use Ledger hardware crypto wallets, faced a problem with Bitcoin Cash withdrawals, claiming that for two last days they do not have access to their funds in BCash.

"I recently trasfered all my BTC, ETH, and LTC from coinbase to my Nano S. This all went fine. However when I tried to send my BCH, the transfer went through but the balance is still 0 on the ledger wallet. I selected " Main" and scan the QT Code to receive the funds. Did I do something wrong? It has been over 36 hours now," one Reddit-user wrote.

The official Ledger website indicates that the problem arose due to the Bitcoin-ABC update:

"The new version of Bitcoin-ABC (Bitcoin Cash node) breaks compatibility with our parser. As a result balances shown on the Ledger Wallet are incorrect. Our engineering team is currently working on a fix."

Last week, the developers of Bitcoin Cash released version 0.17.0 of its protocol AB with the updated code. The new version is available for download along with the consensus rules. The activation time will be at 12:00:00 UTC on 15th May 2018.

Ledger assured users that their funds are safe, and informed that the team is working to deploy the fix.

"Funds stay secured and you can safely receive transactions. In case of emergency, you can use Electron Cash to access them."

However, one of the users of Reddit writes that the method using Electron Cash does not work either.

Initially, Ledger stated that they would fix the bug within a few hours, later adding that they did not find a solution yet.

"We're still investigating the problem. BCH access is completely down until we have found the root cause."

According to Nicolas Bacca, technical director of Legder, it can take several days to solve the problem.

"The team is still investigating. I’m not following this closely, but if invalid data was fed into our parser it could be necessary to reparse the whole chain which will take a few days. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to open an issue on Electron Cash github if it isn’t working properly," Bacca wrote.