Russian law enforcement arrested businessmen for illegal electricity consumption at an abandoned factory in a city of Russian Urals, while the customs service in Siberia notices increasing number of attempts to import undeclared ASICs from China.

Russian policemen and soldiers of Rosgvardia detained two men in Orenburg near the border with Kazakhstan suspected of organizing an illegal mining farm and electricity assigning.

On the territory of one of the former factories of the city of Orenburg, employees of the energy company recorded a large loss of electricity. The investigative and operative police group, together with the soldiers from Rosgvardia, arrived at the scene and found more than 6,000 units of equipment illegally connected to the power grid and power cables leading to the substation nearby.

"It was preliminary specified that high-tech equipment was used to produce cryptocurrency. The work of this enterprise was carried out without taking into account the consumption of electricity in excess of 8 million kW/h," said the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Irina Volk.

The farm was located in one of the premises on the territory of the former Orenburg Rubber Technical Products Plant.

Two arrested businessmen were executives of a firm, located on the territory of the former plant. The prosecutors initiated a criminal case against them, suspecting them of causing large-scale property damage by a group of persons by deceit.

Meanwhile, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the customs officers confiscated three undeclared ASIC miners and stated that the number of such cases is increasing.

"Recently, at the customs post in Zabaikalsk, the number of detainments of undeclared electronic devices,  designed for cryptocurrency mining and imported from China, has increased," reads the report of the regional customs office.

Last year, the Chita customs prevented 17 attempts to import mining equipment, while during the first months of 2018, eight attempts were prevented.