The former bitcoin evangelist and currently an eager supporter of the Bitcoin Cash fork said that he still owns a certain number of bitcoins. But, Roger, babies are dying because of it, why did not you sell all of them?

Roger Ver, the most famous promoter of the alternative bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash, admitted that he still did not get rid of all the bitcoins.

“Like any smart investor, I don’t put all of my eggs in one basket,” said Ver in an interview at the Blomberg Invest Asia Conference in Hong Kong. “So I still do own some Bitcoin core, but the vast majority I have converted into Bitcoin Cash.”


Roger Ver stated in 2017 that Bitcoin Cash is a true heir of the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto, mysterious creator of bitcoin, while the current version of bitcoin moved too far from the original Nakamoto's plan. Therefore, Ver calls bitcoin not otherwise than Bitcoin Core, that is, bitcoin, which is supported by the team of developers of the Bitcoin Core client.

“I’m more bullish about Bitcoin Cash than I have been about Bitcoin core before it split. It’s actually getting adoption all around the world, more and more merchants are accepting it, it’s easier to use,” Ver added.

Ver is known for his controversial and outrageous statements. Thus, speaking at the Deconomy Conference in Seoul this year, Ver blamed Bitcoin Core team of letting children around the globe dying.

“We've delayed the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world by several years, because of the censorship, and propaganda, and the diversion of the Bitcoin scaling roadmap. So, that means more babies are dying in countries around the world because they have less economic freedom. More people are starving to death because they have less economic freedom. ”

This phrase quickly spread over the network in memes. The audience immediately drew attention to Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, who was sitting next to Roger Ver and who immediately showed facepalm after he had heard about “babies dying” due to Bitcoin Core scaling solutions.