Bitcoin went up 10% within the last week, and the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market approached $400 billion. Bitcoin Cash, whose rate again moves towards $1,500, is among the growth leaders.

The end of the tax returns period in the United States contributed greatly in fact to the return of bulls to the cryptocurrency market. After 17 April, the bitcoin rate returned to growth and briefly exceeded $9,000, although it did not succeed to gain a foothold above this mark.

According to the technical analysis, the bitcoin rate broke through the 50-day moving average price at $8,500. The 100-day MA also indicates a bullish trend. Resistance levels in the current market stand at $9,200 and $9,800, and support levels are $8,400 and $7,750.

All the technical indicators speak in favor of the fact that the growth of bitcoin will continue up to $9,800 with a possible assault of $10,000 by the end of April.

As of 23 April, bitcoin is trading around $8,860. The index of bitcoin's dominance is 38.1%, and its capitalization again exceeded $150 billion.

Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, predicts that the trend will become evidently bullish, if bitcoin keeps above $9,000 within a day. 

The growth is demonstrated also by the main altcoins. Bitcoin Cash is among the greatest leaders of the week, rising more than 50%, from $754 to $1,371. Only within the last 24 hours Bitcoin Cash added 19% in price.

Ethereum rose in price to $635. Market participants show optimism over reports that the implementation of the protocol Casper FFG will slow inflation in the network by 80% and reduce it to 2% per annum. The very process of implementing the protocol is expected to take about 5 months. After that, the Ethereum network will undergoe the Metropolis 2 hardfork, which will result in reducing rewards for block mining by PoW miners from the current 3 ETH to 0.6 ETH per block. The reward to validators using the PoS algorithm will approximately stand at 0.82 ETH.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 396 billion. Over a week, it grew by more than 20%.