Almost 60% of the Ethereum community voted in favor of activation of the EIP999 protocol, which will allow to unblock frozen 513,000 ETH in Parity wallets worth more than $260 million. The voting ends in a day.

So far, more than 2 million users have participated in the voting on the Ethereum Improvement Proposal #999 (EIP999), aimed at unfreezing 513,000 ETH, which have been blocked for half a year on Parity wallets due to involuntary vulnerability activation. 57.3% supported the decision, 42.7% voted against it as of today.

Last week, Afri Schroedon, Parity Technologies developer, published the proposal #999, which suggests restoring the destroyed wallet library by a patched version to allow the owners of the dependent multi-signature wallets regain access to their assets.

The incident occurred on 6 November, when the Parity user under the name Devops199 accidentally destroyed the wallet library, making a significant amount of Ether at dependent multi-signature purses inaccessible. The number of affected wallets exceeded 580. Among them there are 16 large ICO projects that stored raised funds on Parity wallets: Polkadot, ICONOMI, Musiconomi, Moeda, Centrality and others.

One of the projects whose funds were frozen, Crypto.Tickets, in a letter to subscribers urged to vote in favor of the proposalthe .

"You are aware of the Parity issue we mentioned earlier and our company being among many other affected users. Now we have a chance to have it resolved and we need your help," the letter reads.

The results of the vote do not guarantee the implementation of the protocol, but they will be a strong signal for the entire community of Ethereum and its developers about whether this offer created to unblock coins is supported by community members.

The Parity team had previously considered other options for unlocking funds, including the hardfork in the Ethereum network, but so far none of the proposals have received widespread support.