Customers of MyEtherWallet are redirected to phishing site when trying to log in. As a result, their funds are stolen and transferred to another wallet. The problem is allegedly in Google's DNS servers.

Some users of the popular digital Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) when they try to log in automatically were redirected to phishing sites and, as a result, lost their assets. MEW on Twitter notified customers that some of DNS sergers it uses got hacked, stressing that the problem is not on the side of the wallet. Now the developers of MEW are checking which servers are compromised and which are not and actively trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The information about possible hack attack on MEW first appeared on Reddit. A Reddit-user with the nickname rotistain wrote that before entering his wallet he saw in the browser a warning about the wrong certificate. He checked the URL several times and logged in. After that 0.09 ETH, which were in his account, were automatically transferred to the unknown address "0×1d50588C0aa11959A5c28831ce3DC5F1D3120d29".

At the moment, the balance of this wallet, allegedly possessed by hackers, is 1.0536 ETH or $741. About an hour ago, 215 ETH coins were withdrawn.

The situation is actively discussed in the Reddit community. According to another Reddit-user, monzzter221, the problem is on the side of Google's DNS servers: /

"The public DNS registry for MEW at is compromised in many parts of the world right now. Do not use MEW until we get verification that this has blown over."

They allegedly allowed to redirect wallet users to the server of attackers, who were able to steal private keys. MickySocaci recommended not using the MEW wallet if it means that customers need to uses the above DNS servers.