Private security companies in Moscow started to offer a special service. They offer to hire a bodyguard when buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency turnover has increasingly become the main focus of robbers and scammers who, under the guise of buyers or sellers, arrange meetings and steal money either in fiat or in cryptocurrencies. They wait when seller of bitcoins transfer his assets to their wallet and run away without paying.

As the criminal situation in this sphere is worsening, private security companies in Russian capital started to offer a new special service for crypto holders to accompany such deals.

"We decided to provide this kind of services because of the increasing number of cases when swindlers cheat buyers or sellers when making currency exchange transactions. In addition, some people publicly state how many cryptos they have in their wallets, in order to inspire others to buy cryptocurrency. In such cases, they may need a personal bodyguard. The task of bodyguards, among others, is to calculate a possible threat and neutralize it in the bud. To be more exact, together with the client, we create conditions that initially do not give rise to threats," said Natalya Kurovskaya, owner of one of Moscow's security agencies.

Prices start from 1000 rubles per hour ($15). The cost depends on the number of guards, vehicles needed and the volume of exchange operation.

According to Kurovskaya, her company also helps in the investigation of cryptocurrency-related crimes.

Due to the lack of a legal base for cryptocurrencies in Russia, official security agencies often do not know how to investigate such crimes. For example, on 23 February in Moscow, the founder of the cryptocurrency project PRIZMA was kidnapped and forced to give away his 300 bitcoins. Robbers also took away his laptop, $20,000 and three iPhones. After kidnappers threw him away, he came to law enforcement agencies, but they did not mention bitcoins in the list of stolen items, claiming that cryptocurrency can not be considered as property.