As history teaches us, revolutions start out imperceptibly - whether it be political events or serious changes in financial markets.

Projects with truly historical potential do not advertise their activities at the start, and are often not taken seriously by market participants. So for example, no one made bets on the development of technology blockchain at the very beginning of its existence - crypto-currency projects were considered as a new and not entirely understandable toy for a narrow circle of techno-geeks.

Now that everyone knows about crypto-currency projects from ordinary housewives to heads of international corporations, it all seems that a new revolution in this sphere will have to wait a very long time. But such a popularity of crypto-currencies in itself gives rise to new problems, and what can generate a new revolution more effectively than serious market challenges?

We want to tell you about a new project that is just beginning its work and aims to solve the key problems of ICO projects - protecting the interests of ordinary investors and legal regulation of investment proposals.

We are talking about the VirUs project.


The project is going to implement the following products:


- V-Center: an independent commercial investment platform for creation and promotion of ICO projects which are of high-quality and highly secure for investors. According to our design this product will be not only a technical tool, but will also solve most legal, organizational and marketing problems, both for the investors of ICO, and for the teams preparing the launch of their own fund-raising offerings.

- V-Intu: an analytical product the main task of which is to process information files and analytical data from the maximum number of sources related to the cryptocurrency market and to identify, through the sociological analysis, current and future financial trends. The main feature of this product is that the input information analysis will be carried out not by software or any other automated interfaces, but by a community of real people. Thus, this product will be a software implementation of the principle of "mass intuition" and can be used as an effective tool for planning, conducting and improving the marketing campaigns for various products in the market of cryptocurrencies.

- V–Team: in fact, “product” is an incorrect name for this part of the VirUs project, the more correct designation is a private investment club. The project team understand that their ideas and goals cannot be accomplished without the trust and help of those who support them at the very beginning. Membership in the club guarantees in the future the receipt of a certain percentage of tokens from all ICO projects created on the basis of the V-center platform and of a fraction of revenue obtained from the V-Intu implementation.

Thus, virtually all the members of the V-team club do not just support the VirUs project, but become its beneficiaries for the whole period of its existence.


The attraction of funds for the implementation of these products takes place according to a completely new scheme, which differs significantly from all existing ICO projects - Aggressive token sales.

A distinctive feature of ATS is the creation of maximum interest of all participants in a favorable completion of the fundraising process. A successful completion of ATS brings advantage to every party, both to the project team and individual investors, as opposed to the usual ICO format where only the investment offer founders remain in the win up to a certain point.

The key difference between ATS and ICO is that project investors by buying its tokens can obtain a significant profit during the ATS. That option allows you not to wait for its successful completion and release of the tokens to exchanges. At the same time, the founders of the project, with a greater probability of success receive funds necessary for implementation of products.

At the moment, such an innovative approach to attracting investments has yielded tangible results, in less than a month investors bought about 25% of all tokens offered by the project team. And the price of the token has grown from 100 to 667 satoshi.

The project team has chosen a difficult way to promote his project - the advertising company of the investment proposal is practically not carried out, and new investors are attracted only through "word of mouth", whether the tactics are correct or not, the first results indicate an extremely positive trend in the perception of the project and acceptance its purposes by the crypto-currency community.

We suggest you read the project under the link: or read its detailed WhitePaper - .