Co-founder of the Ethereum ecosystem has accused the organizers of Consensus 2018 conference of too high prices for tickets, and also criticized the editorial policy and work of Coindesk.


Vitalik Buterin announced in his twitter that he refuses to participate in the Consensus 2018 conference, which will be held traditionally in May in New York. The event is organized by Coindesk, whih became the main reason for Buterin's decision to boycott the conference.

The first reason for his decision, Buterin said that Coindesk often often gives hyperlinks to scams and fraudelent sites in its articles.

The second reason of Buterin's decision was the fact that Coindesk "terribly" covered the situation around the new proposal EIP-999 to unblock frozen ethers on Parity wallets. He accused the authors of the article of expressing value judgments and distorting information.

Buterin also pointed out the peculiarities of the editorial policy of Coindesk, which he considers unacceptable. So, if one of the speakers gives a comment, indicating that some of the information is not for publication, then journalists still decide by themselves wether to publish that information. However, it should be noted that this is a common practice for major editorial offices: the request not to include anything already said in the text remains at the discretion of journalists.

The last straw that prompted Buterin to boycott the Consensus 2018 conference was the price of entrance tickets. He said that he refuses to indulge this level of greed.