The founder and author of the cryptocurrency blog Cryptach was found dead in St. Petersburg. The main version is suicide because of debts.

Pavel Nyashin (real surname Makushin) was found dead on 30 April in an apartment in St. Petersburg, news Telegram-channel Mash reported. Information about his death was later confirmed by his friend, cryptotrader Alexey Tarabanov.

"Yes, indeed, it happened. My sources told me about this," Tarabanov told RBC.

According to preliminary information, he suicided because of debts arisen after his house had been robbed and him badly beaten by criminals in January. Currently, the investigative committee is investigating the incident.

In his Youtube-blog, Makushin talked about trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. He had more than 19 thousand subscribers. His Vkontakte account was also very popular, with more than 11,000 thousand subscribers.

Makushin regularly received threats, and he published some of them on his Vkontakte page.

On 14 January, four unknown men broke into the blogger's house in St. Petersburg suburb, beat him up and robbed him, stealing 20 million rubles (approximately $300,000) and $70,000. It is rumored that stolen money belonged not personally to Makushin, but to investors, who gave him financing in order to invest them in cryptocurrencies.