Telegram will offer users to store their personal data in the blockchain of the future Telegram Open Network platform. This will make possible to avoid anonymity of cryptocurrency payments.

Telegram began testing the first service of its future TON (Telegram Open Network) platform. Testing is held in closed mode, Vedomosti reports citing two persons close to the messenger. But access to it has already been received by the Qiwi payment system, which is considering to cooperate with Telegram in launching this service, said another anonymous source close to Qiwi's management. Sergey Solonin, Qiwi's co-owner, who previously publicly reported on his personal multi-million investments in TON, declined to comment.

The service calle Telegram Passport will identify Telegram users. All the necessary documents and accompanying information (passports, IDs, driver's licenses, utility bills, bank account certificates and other documents, as well as photos) will need to be uploaded once, in order to allow Telegra to pass this information to third party services, says a person familiar with the Telegram technical team.

The purpose of the new service is to avoid the anonymity of cryptocurrency payments, said Alexander Filatov, a partner in the investment consulting company SP Capital, which invested in TON and attracted other investors to the project.

Only users will have access to their personal data, encrypting and protecting it with two-factor authentication. The messenger itself will not have access to personal data.

Earlier, Telegram attracted $1.7 billion during several closed rounds of financing. Recently, the media reported that the organizers of the TON coin offering decided not to launch public crowdsdale, as the funds necessary to launch the platform were attracted during the closed rounds.