CryptoKitty, created by the director of the CryptoKitties game specifically for the Ethereal Summit charity auction, was sold for a record price in New York. 

CryptoKitty called Celestial Cyber Dimension was sold for a record $140,000. This is the highest price that has ever been paid for cryptokitties. The initial rate was $10,000.

This CryptoKitty was made in two forms, digital and physical, specifically for the Ethereal Summit charity auction. The private key, which allows the owner to transfer the cat, breed, sire, and sign any other messages, was implanted in the statuette. The digital kitten was created by Guilherme Twardowski, art director at CryptoKitties.

"From a process that spans the divide between analog and digital, this piece was inspired by the contemporary aesthetics around the subjects of cyberspace, blockchain, and the CryptoKitties universe," the artwork's description reads.

All the proceeds from the auction will go to support and promote artworks, created at the junction of blockchain technology and art.