91.5% of crypto investors are men, and most of them do not have investment experience.

According to the research of the brokerage company eToro, which analyzed the data on crypto investors between March 2017 and February 2018, many of cryptocurrency investors are students, working in IT, marketing or sales departments.

According to the survey, 81.96% of crypto investors are new to the investment business, 10.66% have some initial experience and only 7.38% can be considered experienced. As for the main employment, mainly they are IT specialists (15.05%), employees in marketing and sales (14.49%), students (13.85%) and unemployed (14.74%). Representatives of the financial industry acount for only 8.48%.

The survey also reveals that there is relation between preferred cryptocurrencies and age of investors. So, the older the investor, the lower is his interest in Ripple, and bitcoin is especially respected by investors up to 23 years and after 55.

Women make up tiny 8.5% of all crypto investors, and according to eToro, they more often than men invest in Ripple. The same cryptocurrency was headed by the list of the most profitable ones. The second and third place went to Ethereum and Litecoin, bitcoin took only the fourth place.