Telegram has filed a lawsuit against the Florida-based company, which also uses the trademark Gram for its tokens. According to the messenger, the defendant deliberately misleads consumers, using the untwisted Gram brand from Telegram.

Telegram filed a lawsuit on 11 May in the Northern California District Court in San Francisco against Florida-based Lantah LLC. The messenger accuses Lantah of using the Gram trademark, CCN reports. Telegram submitted an application for registration of the trademark Gram to the US authorities in February 2018. Lantah has also filed an application to register the Gram trademark in February. The Florida-based company also intends to use this name for “virtual currency for use by members of an on-line community via a global computer network.” Lantah filed an application for trademark registration after Telegram had launched closed rounds of funding for its future Telegram Open Network (TON) platform.

According to Telegram, the messenger has a "common law trademark rights", as the name Gram has become popular due to numerous publications about the successful attraction of funding in TON. The messenger accuses the company from Florida that it intentionally misleads consumers, using the untwisted Gram brand from Telegram.

“Lantah’s unauthorized use in commerce of a service mark that is confusingly similar to Telegram Messenger’s GRAM mark has caused and is likely to continue to cause confusion or mistake, or to deceive consumers and potential consumers, the public, and the trade concerning an affiliation, connection, or association between Lantah and Telegram when there is no such affiliation, connection, or association,” the lawsuit documents reads.

Daniel Jeffrey, the principal owner of Lantah LLC, wrote in a letter to CCN that, contrary to Telegram's allegations, Lantah began using the Gram trademark even before Telegram decided to sell the product under the same name.