The Bitcoin Cash protocol was updated on 15 May. The activation of the new version of its protocol increased the block size limit to 32 MB.

The hardfork in the Bitcoin Cash network, resulting in the block size limit increasing from 8 MB to 32 MB, took place on the block 530356 at 16:14 GMT on 15 May.

The new version of the Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 protocol was released on 1 April. All full Bitcoin Cash nodes, purses and exchange platforms had to update its software to the new version of the protocol.

In early May, a critical vulnerability was discovered in the 0.17.0 version of the protocol, which could lead to an unintended split in the Bitcoin Cash network. The Bitcoin ABC developers fixed the bug and released a new version of the client 0.17.1, and then encouraged the community to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

In addition to increasing the block size limit, the new version of the Bitcoin ABC protocol reactivates some opcodes, previously desactivated in original bitcoin network, which, according to Bitcoin Cash developers, will benefit the economy of the coin and accelerate the process of its adaptation. About ten opcodes were reactivated, among which there is OP_RETURN feature. 

Opponents of such a radical increase of the block size limit argue that it can lead to the growth of full nodes maintaining costs and reduce the degree of decentralization of the network.

The next hardfork in the Bitcoin Cash network is scheduled on mid-November 2018. It also is not expected to result in any split of the network.