A resident of Canada left to rent apartments, moved to live in a garage in order to save money and invest all his income in cryptocurrency.

A story of an unbelievable passion to cryptocurrency investments was posted on the forum 4chan. The Canadian resident under the nickname Livinginmycar published a photo of himself sleeping in the car. According to him, he invests all the money "putting every last penny into crypto" and works on two jobs. During the day he drives a warehouse loader, and in the evening he delivers food.

According to him, he refused to rent apartment, which costed or him $800 Canadian dollars per month, and moved to the garage of his friend, pyig him $40 Canadian dollars a month.

Answering numerous questions of other forum users, he said that now his crypto portolio is worth about $6,000 Canadian dollars, but he intends to invest $2,500 Canadian dollars monthly in cryptocurrencies.

He invested in four projects, which are Colossusxt, Fundrequest, Policypal, and Dero. He explained that he was willing to take risks in order to get higher and faster profits. Coins that will grow only 2-3 folds per year are not of interest to him.