11 days before the mainnet launch, the company staying behind EOS blockchain platform announces the creation of a venture fund designed to encourage developers around the world to create applications on EOS.

Block.one, the company behind EOSIO, announced the launch of a $1 billion venture fund. The fund will distribute these funds among leading venture companies, which will finance developers who are building their applications on EOS blockchain.

EOS VC is a venture capital of Block.one that allows businesses that need capital support to realize their ideas, to get capital injections in them and bring their projects to life, said Serg Metelin, developer of EOS.

"We've been taken a billion dollars of capital and were deploying it to the leading VCs throughout the world, that are building applications", added CEO Block.one Brendan Blumer.



What is EOS VC? pic.twitter.com/J6XrJI5byI

Earlier, EOSIO promised to launch the mainnet in June. The project is often called the most likely competitor to Ethereum in the smart contracts market. During its ICO, which lasted almost a year, EOS attracted more than $1 billion in cryptocurrency.

In addition, Block.one also announced a partnership with Virginia Tech. It will invest $3 million in the university's Department of Computer Science to help students develop skills in blockchain.

"Blockchain has the potential to have a vast impact on humanity," says Julia M. Ross, the Dean of Virginia Tech's College of Engineering. "We will work closely with the company to provide students with the best-in-class education and research opportunities with global applications."

The funds that Block.one transfers to the university will be used to organize blockchain courses, as well as to recruit professors in this field.