The cryptocommunity is concerned about the acquisition of the popular Github repository by Microsoft. One of the bitcoin developers even called to reject the use of the repository.

Microsoft is buying the Github repository for $7.5 billion, the corporation confirmed today. The rumors that appeared the day before received confirmation on 4 June. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman will become the new CEO of Github, while GitHub's current CEO and its founder, Chris Wanstrath, to resign. The Github user base has more than 20 million developers, and the number of projects hosting the software is about 60 million.

The crypto community were skeptical about the purchase. Given Microsoft's reputation as a predator in the software development market, many of those who value the open-source philosophy hastened to announce the imminent decline of Github.

But the strongest negative reaction was distinguished by bitcoin developers, who actively use the Github repository. Bitcoin Core developer Wladimir van der Laan wrote his twitter: