Residents of Russia have already invested in virtual currencies from $7.5 billion to $14 billion, but this volume is still to low to create any risks for national financial system, a study says.

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies could create risks for the Russian financial system, but they still lack of mass adoption, the Russian analytical credit rating agency (ACRA) writes in its study.

The negative impact of cryptocurrencies could become significant, if their share in the structure of the debt of Russian companies reach 6% or 4 trillion rubles ($64 billion).

Earlier, it was reported that Russian start-ups, mostly registered abroad, attracted about $300 million in investment via ICOs in 2017. However, the status of cryptocurrencies in Russia has not yet been determined by law, and Russian companies do not borrow in such assets.

As experts note, the volatility of cryptocurrencies ahs potential to create risks for the economy and well-being of the population. However, a limited number of persons invest in cryptocurrencies, and they are aware of the existing risks and are ready to bear them. Significant demand for cryptocurrency is not expected in the near future, which means that these assets do not pose a threat to the general public.