Despite the official launch of the EOS mainnet over the weekend, the platform participants have so far failed to vote on block producers.

EOS Mainnet was technically launched on 11 June, 9 days after the EOSIO v1.0 code was released by the company developer After the launch of the mainnet, the voting on block producers (BP) began. The voting is aimed at choosing actors, who will confirm transactions and pack them into blocks. In order to select 21 block producers, holders of at least 15% of EOS tokens must participate in the voting. But after a few days the share of those who voted did not reach 7% and is only 6.76%.

There are several theories why the voting process is so slow. First, many users report that they are confused and do not understand how to vote. Crypto-enthusiast Anthony Emtman from California posted in his twitter detailed instructions on how to vote on block producers using the Cleos command line or the Greymass application suitable for less "technically advanced" users.


The second category of users who abstain from voting are those who do not understand why this is important and why they should participate in it. As Berkeley University employee Nicholas Weaver said, most EOS tokens are in the hands of speculators, whose goal is to earn on price fluctuations of cryptocurrency.

Given the current pace of voting, the system will need another 5 days to choose the block producers.