EOS Block Producers frozed 27 more accounts, without giving a clear explanation for what reason this decision was made.

The EOS block producers did not give a clear explanation of why the 27 accounts were frozen. BPs blocked accounts without the order of the EOSIO Primary Arbitration Forum (ECAF). But several hours later, ECAF issued an order, legitimizing the decision of EOS block producers.


The warrant, aimed at taking protective measures, states that EOS block producers should "refuse to process transactions for the following accounts and keys indefinitely."

Earlier, EOS block producers unanimously decided to freeze 7 accounts, suspecting that they might have been related to coin stealing and fishing attacks.

In the EOS community, there is growing dissatisfaction with this practice of accounts freezing. According to the main architecture of the platform, the ability to block accounts allows to protect owners of EOS tokens from theft and fraud. But in practice, members of the community are concerned that such powers of block producers contradict the idea of ​​a decentralized system.

In June, the EOS cryptocurrency platform closed a record crowdsale that lasted almost a year. The project managed to raise almost $4 billion. But the long-awaited launch of the main network of the platform was accompanied by reports of numerous critical vulnerabilities, one of which led to the shutdown of block production two days after the launch of EOS mainnet.