The cryptocurrency platform EOS, which raised about $4 billion during its year-long crowdsale, is actively selling or moving ethers, attracted during its ICO. Within the last week, the sale speed reached 500,000 ETH, which is equivalent to $250 million.

EOS sold or moved about 2.5 million ETH in the last 2-3 months, that equals to more than $1 billion at current rate. The smart contract of EOS is empty, with all ethers moved to another address. All of them were moved to an address called EOS Owner, writes Trustnodes. Some ethers were also transferred from this address. Gradually, since 1 June 2018, funds have moved to both cryptocurrency exchange accounts and others addresses, seemingly trying to hide tracks of coin moving. The address EOS Owner currently holds only 100,000 ETH.

One of the latest transactions from the EOS-related address saw 90,000 ETH moved to the Bitfinex exchange. As Trustnodes reports, this transaction coincided with a decrease in the price of Ethereum by approximately $20.

Earlier, some community members mentioned that the fall of the Ethereum price is influenced by the sale of tokens attracted by EOS during its annual crowdsdale.