BitPico, an anonymous group of bitcoins enthusiasts, which became famous for threatening to hack into the Lightning Network, has now turned its attention to Bitcoin Cash. They plan to test the BCH network for stability.

BitPico, a group of bitcoin developers, miners and whales, which first becane widely known in the fall of 2017, supporting the SegWit2x solution, began a stress attack on the Bitcoin Cash network.

In the series of tweets, which began on 22 June, the group promises that it will try to attack BCH with a coordinated attack.

The aim of the team is to demonstrate how unstable and centralized the Bitcoin Cash network is.

In March, BitPico attacked the Lightning Network with botnets, forcing Lightning nodes to desactivate.

It is unknown who stands behind the BitPico group. BitPico became widely known last autumn when the organizers canceled the SegWit2x fork. BitPico group of an unknown number of bitcoin miners published a hostile letter, claiming to launch the SegWit2x fork despite its cancellation. They claimed that they owned about 30% of the capacity of the entire bitcoin network.

But the crypto community doubted that Bitpico had such computational power. BitPico accounts on GitHub and BitCoinTalk were created in September 2017, and in mid-September BitPico themselves claimed to own not 30%, but about 1.62% of the bitcoin network capacity.