The market of videogames is one of the fastest growing ones. According to the assessment of the Newzoo company, at the end of 2017 its volume was evaluated at $121.7 billion, far exceeding the initial forecast of $102.9 billion.

In 2018 the videogame market is expected to grow by record breaking 13.3%, surpassing $137.9 billion. The growth of the market is so swift that the market infrastructure does not manage to keep pace. Over 20,000 games are issued annually only on PC and game consoles and over 200,000 on mobile devices. The average gamer became older: today it is a person aged 31, employed and having family, and the main problem faced by the gamer in the framework of the favourite hobby is the lack of time.

This is why there is a growing demand for services that recommend and browse new games. The same issue existed on the cinema market before the emergence of IMDb, and on the market of TV series before Netflix and Hulu became active in the area.

Producers of new games also suffer from the fragmentary character of the market: a closer contact with the target audience would enable them to customise the product line and react faster to the demands of the community.

RAWG will help gamers to find their next game. It will also offer a nice bonus, fulfilling the dream of many gamers – it will enable them to monetise their gaming achievements. Participants of the system synchronise their RAWG profile with the profiles of popular gaming platforms such as PSN, Steam и Xbox Live; as a consequence, RAWG gets information about the cross-platform preferences of the user, offers the user to add friends and other users with a similar profile of preferences and uses social mechanisms to suggest suitable games.

The next step of the platform is a mechanism of recommendations that, based on machine learning, would make it possible to suggest a game that the user would surely like, at one of the platforms where he is actively gaming. To create a precise algorithm, RAWG needs information about the preferences of the users. To collect them massively and efficiently, RAWG launches a programme of compensating the gamers for their in-game achievements. When the accounts are synchronized, the users would get awards in RAWG tokens for their achievements in any game that they are playing on any synchronised platform. This tokens can afterwards be exchanged for games, in-game merchandise, reductions and other partner services. The user can also withdraw the tokens from the system and use them at own discretion.

The RAWG tokens can be obtained not only for in-game achievements, but also for other actions that increase the coverage and completeness of the RAWG database: creation of reviews, descriptions, adding new games or other information to the database.

The economic model of the RAWG platform will be supported by the sale of advertisements. The service with a large user base of gamers with different gaming and platform preferences, from Nintendo to Apple or Android smartphones will be interested to the advertisers in the field. They would be able to work directly with the target audience and take into account real interests of the gamers. The opening price of the premium advertisement placement is $3 for 1,000 views, less than one-fifth of the price proposals of other game media services. Customers would be able to pay for the advertisement placement with both fiat and RAWG tokens (in the case of the use of the latter, they will enjoy a 30% price reduction).

The idea to incentivise the gamers is quite popular. However, existing services that compensate the activities of the users are isolated from each other and carry out only a part of gamers’ needs. For instance, the popular service Swagbucks enables the gamers to convert their in-game achievements in SB points but the service is available only in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia but not in the rest of the world, not even China with its base of 180 million active gamers. Besides, the majority of such services only takes into account users’ activity in the games inscribed in their catalog, while RAWG works everywhere in the world and enables the gamer to be rewarded for his successes in any game played at almost all the popular gaming platforms.

RAWG tokens will start to be available during the crowdsale, scheduled for 5 September 2018. Within the framework of the crowdsale, no more than 333.333.333 RAWG tokens (38.5%) will be sold, the emission being limited to 866.666.666 tokens. 40% of funds raised during the crowdsale will be used for marketing and promotion of the platform. The more gamers sign up to the service, the more expensive would be advertisement placement, and the higher would be the rate of the RAWG token, attracting more users to the platform.

RAWG functions in test regime since June 2017 but it has already received recognition from the gamers: over the first three months, users added over 1.5 million videogames to their profiles, in total 50,000 unique names for various platforms. According to the estimate of the RAWG team, the catalog would grow to 200,000 videogames by the end of 2019, turning RAWG into the largest cross-platform gaming base in the world.

RAWG has already attracted $2 million from the Crypto Bazar Fund and $3 million from several private investors on the Private Sale stage. Investors in RAWG include Wargaming, the famous producer of videogames, and AltaIR Capital venture fund.

The team of the project includes experienced specialists in world industry, telecommunications and mass media. Its founders, Gadzhi Makhtiev and Alexey Gornostaev are creators of Kanobu, the largest website on videogames on the Russian market, providing information and entertainment. Advisors of the project include John Hanke, Director General of the software company that produced internationally famous and popular game Pokemon GO, and Vyacheslav Makarov, one of the creators of World of Tanks.